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Oregon Birth and Wellness Center is a group of perinatal healthcare providers united to improve equitable access for all families; including those marginalized within the traditional healthcare system. We are a group of dedicated professionals, with over 25 years of collective experience, who have been gifted the opportunity to work with growing families as they navigate life-changing moments.

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Exceptional Midwifery Care

In our philosophy of care, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of safety and support for all families as they move through the journey of pregnancy and beyond. By recognizing every pregnancy and family as unique, we are better able to tailor our care to the individual needs of each client. While standard prenatal care simply monitors gestational benchmarks, we strive to forge trusting relationships with our clients, and share in their excitement for what is to come. Holistically centered perinatal care incorporates the entire person, integrating physical, emotional and mental health.

We believe the experience of birth sets the tone for the journey of parenthood. Therefore, our hope is for every client to emerge from their birth experience feeling powerful, well supported and proud.

Pregnancy and Birth

Classes at Oregon Birth and Wellness

Oregon Birth and Wellness Center has a variety of classes to cover all your educational needs along your journey. From fertility through postpartum and everything in between. In addition, we provide classes to help you achieve optimal nutrition. Browse through our class section for more details. Our comprehensive childbirth classes are available to meet the needs of our clients and others in the Eugene-Springfield community.

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